하루 (HARU)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) App

The HARU integrated program is an application that provides effective psychological services for various mental health issues commonly experienced by modern individuals, such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, pain, and anger. The HARU integrated program consists of 'Good Day' for the general public, 'Today's Day' for cancer patients, and 'HARU ASD' for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. It is designed to be expanded for various groups in the future. The HARU program is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, known for its effectiveness in addressing diverse mental health issues. Each HARU program consists of a total of 48 sessions, allowing users to receive 10-15 minutes of cognitive-behavioral therapy through the app each day, without the need for face-to-face interactions with professionals.

Personalized Workout Tracker (Digital Health) App

Introducing our workout monitoring web and mobile application! Effortlessly log your gym sessions with over 200 supported machine types. Gain insights into your fitness journey with comprehensive workout statistics, including energy expended, calories burned, workout duration, machine type, and dumbbell weight. Keep a convenient exercise journal and embark on systematic workout management with your personalized workout data accumulating daily. Freely share and upload your progress on social media. Save your daily workout routines and maximum strength test results as photo cards in your album. Discover your maximum strength through customized exercise tests. Want to know your maximum strength for specific muscle groups? Easily measure it at home with the WorkoutNote Fitness Strength Test! Start your journey towards organized and effective exercise management with the convenience of tracking and sharing your fitness accomplishments through our user-friendly application!

Knowledge Exchange Platform

Discover our iOS and Android app connecting sellers offering practical know-how and experience with clients seeking valuable insights. Bridging the gap for those lacking experience in various fields, our centralized platform facilitates information exchange, promoting quality control. Explore subjective know-how in running a coffee shop, objective knowledge in subjects like English or finance, and much more. Empower your journey with accessible expertise and enhance your experience today!

Inha Masjid App
Tailored app for Inha Masjid donations

Empower your giving with the Inha Masjid Donation App. Access real-time financial needs, official bank details, and track monthly progress transparently. Stay connected with prayer times calibrated by a mufti, ensuring you never miss special moments like Jumu'ah. Experience seamless donations and enhanced engagement with our tailored app.

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